connecting with our community

“Connecting with our community” is one of our four sustainability pillars, and our objective is to Engage with forest communities and support local economies.

Investing In our Prime Team

Embedded within the foundation of our sustainability strategy is a commitment to social responsibility throughout Prime Forest Products culture and supply chain. Our focus revolves around prioritizing the well-being of not only our teams but also the communities and business partners vital to our operations. By creating an environment of respect, we seek to actively cultivate a sense of shared purpose and growth. 

2023 team trainings included a forest management tour, strength’s training for efficient team communication and individual growth, as well as, strategic sustainability training for the success of our pillars.  

Our Garden

Designed and built 1600 sf permaculture garden on premises. Vegetables, herbs, and fruits are available for people to harvest and take home to family. Expansion projects are in design phase.

electric company car

In 2023, Prime Forest acquired a new company electric vehicle to help offset our carbon emissions.

Donating & Volunteerism

Prime Forest incentivizes employees for volunteer activities during regular working hours. Our team has helped the Friends of Trees Project by getting their hands dirty and replanting trees. Prime Forest is also committed to giving back to communities, by adopting a 2 mile stretch of road Prime teams picked up 379 pounds of garbage in 2023. As well as, donating lumber and time to Portland State University for garden boxes.

What's next?

To strengthen our commitments on supporting our community, Prime Forest is committed to:

  • Grow donations and support supplier communities.
  • Increase education around the successes and challenges in forest industry.
  • Implement/ Support skills or apprentice training programs in supplier communities.

We help to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 8 and 11. Click here to learn more about the SGDs.

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