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Prime Forest is committed to the Chain of Custody processes that are maintained by the international standards set by the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is known for its warm and beautiful yellow, reddish coloring. Strong structural applications and workability makes Douglas Fir an ideal species for building structures and interior woodwork such as cabinets, doors, windows, and flooring.


Known for its fine grain, texture, and consistent white and gold coloring. Western Hemlock is used in many finish products such as doors, windows, moulding, and flooring.

Ponderosa Pine

PP (Ponderosa Pine) is grouped as a Western Yellow Pine with a medium density between hard and soft pines. With a yellowish white coloring PP is used in remanufacturing industries such as cabinets, doors, windows, moulding, and wood packaging. Because of its cell structure and hardness, PP takes stains and finishes exceptionally well. Knotty Ponderosa is also used for interior woodworking, for a more rustic, country look and feel. 

Radiata Pine 84” clear solid cutstock

Radiata Pine

Embrace sustainability with Radiata Pine, a rapidly growing softwood. Its creamy yellow timber, straight grain, and quick growth make it ideal for eco-conscious projects. From furniture to house frames, Radiata Pine shines, and when treated, it thrives outdoors.

Western Red Cedar

WRC (Western Red Cedar) is grown in the Pacific North West, including the western parts of Canada. Known for being naturally rot and insect resistant, makes WRC an ideal species of out-door use such as siding, fencing and trellises. Beginning as a beautiful, reddish to pink brown; WRC ages into a sleek silver as it weathers and adapts to its environment. WRC absorbs and releases moisture as its surrounding environment changes. With the ability to absorb and release moisture, WRC is resistant to warping, twisting and checking like other coniferous woods. 

Alaskan Yellow Cedar

AYC (Alaskan Yellow Cedar) is grown in the North Western part of North America from, southern Oregon to the southeastern parts of Alaska. Known for its yellow coloring and distinct smell, the highest concentration of this species is in southern Alaska. Naturally rot and insect resistant makes AYC very durable to weathering. Starting as a light yellow, the coloring darkens as it is exposed to light. If left out-doors it will turn to a grayish/silver over time. It is commonly used for the same applications as Western Red Cedar (siding, decking, flooring, and outdoor furniture). Due to not splintering, its stability and weather resistance, AYC is used for bleachers, benches, stage construction and marine applications.

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