Valuing indigenous culture

“Valuing Indigenous Culture” is one of our four sustainability pillars, and our objective is to engage with indigenous people to support their cultural heritage.

Donating matters

We donate money directly back to Indigenous programs for continued long-term success.  Since 2020, Prime Forest Products has donated money to replant 2x as many trees as harvested for purchase each year.


Prime Forest has been partnering with indigenous communities since the inception of our company.  We have developed successful, long-term, global programs with Indigenous Leaders via collaboration and adapting with evolving program demands.

Building trust

We continue to build trust between leaders by keeping our agreements. Both parties work in partnership to deliver on business demands for valued programs. In good times and in challenging times we can trust each other to deliver as promised.

passing the knowledge

We partner with communities by collaborating with marketing and management of new business opportunities at the request of Indigenous Leaders via brainstorming ideas, concepts, and implementation for long-term success.

What's next?

To strengthen our commitments on supporting the indigenous cultural heritage, Prime Forest is committed to:

• Increase long-term sustainable wood programs sourced from native lands.

• Build trusted partnerships between business and the indigenous community.

• Capacity building programs to build skills and resources within indigenous communities.

By Valuing Indigenous Culture, we help to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 11. Click here to learn more about the SGDs.

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