Prime Forest Remanufacturing

Prime Forest products is a secondary remanufacturer of high-grade softwoods. Secondary manufacturing refers to processing previously milled lumber into components that suit our clients needs. We have multiple facilities specializing in remanufacturing in order to produce more lumber that meets our high quality standards every time.

To better cater to clients needs, Prime Forest Products has purchased a new Cut Stock facility in Springfield, Oregon. Specializing in door and window markets. Prime Forest Remanufacturing has allowed us to increase our production while giving clients exactly what they need.

With the ability to make all forms of window and door components.  Prime Forest Remanufacturing is built for molding, door, and window, cut to length products and programs. These components range in sizes from 1 – 2” thick by 2 – 6” wide. Fully staffed with 15 employees. The three chop saws and two lineal ripsaws allow for us to check moisture content and regrade every piece over and over.

Every staff member is taught how to check the moisture content and grade lumber, so that we can provide a high-quality product every time. The average moisture content of Prime Forest Remanufacturing products is between 8-12%. This is to ensure the lumber will not warp or twist after it is installed. Prime Forest Products is continuously working with Prime Forest Remanufacturing, to help improve and update the facility. Starting with new overhead lighting and tally shack, we see a very bright future for Prime Forest Remanufacturing.

Prime Forest Products is also expanding to a a 22 acre mill close to the I-5 corridor in the Willamette valley. We are looking forward to being able to serve clients around the world. We are proud to uphold the same commitment to quality in our facility as we have in our previous mills. With our expanded production we will be able to serve our client’s lumber needs better than ever.


Our production facility has the following equipment –

● 3 molders
● 1 planer
● 1 horizontal dual band re-saw
● 1 vertical re-saw
● 3 kilns
● 2 double tracks & 1 single track
● A full cut line & Finger jointer

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